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Getting object type by constructor name

When one with typeof operator one gets type object it falls into somewhat wast category...

In practice you might need to narrow it down to what sort of 'object' it actually is and one way to do it is to use object constructor name to get what flavour of object it actually is:

1. String"String")

[object String]

2. Number

[object Number]

3. Bool

[object Boolean]

4. Object or{})

[object Object]

5. Function{})

[object Function]

6. Date Date(2015,10,21))

[object Date]

7. Regex RegExp()) or;

[object RegExp]

8. Array[]);

[object Array]

9. Null;

[object Null]

10. Undefined;

[object Undefined]

11. Error;

[object Error]